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kristen steinhardt

Kristen Steinhardt is a professional media director and marketing expert. She currently directs media for several companies and has her own share in an aviation business coming to the United States in the Spring of 2019 - Gyro Revolution. In 2017, Kristen worked as Media Director for an aerospace start-up, building solar electric drones to deliver telecommunications to third world countries. Earlier, she worked as a graphic designer, wedding photographer and an assistant to several famous artists in the Hamptons.  In her spare time she enjoys aviation, traveling and spending time out east with her chickens.

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Client Reviews

"Kristen is the commensurate multidisciplinary professional in the field of design. Her style enhances every work she touches.  From honing without alteration to creating fresh direction, Kristen’s abilities are broad spectrum. Our business has been more than satisfied with the creative direction and implementation of marketing strategies under the guidance of Kristen Steinhardt.  From logo and website design, to social media marketing initiatives and development, Kristen is uncompromising in creating value for our business."

- Robert Lutz

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